Summer camp

Live an unforgettable experience with professional sport horses at our camp, where you and the horses are the great protagonists.

Bring your
or pony

for only 90 eur/week

Our camp concept is a little bit different!!

You are going to immerse yourself in the daily life of a professional herd of horses.

You are going to live a real-life experience since you will witness all the activities that a bussiness dedicated to horses involve, such as the breeding, the trainning and the sale process of the horses.

Some other activities include their feeding, their cleaning, their vet assistance, their ironwork, their birth assistance and their high-level trainning in order to prepare them for national and international competitions.

Our more than 150 horses, from newly-born foals to high-level competition horses, and our large and modern professional facilities make this camp the perfect place to have fun and learn.

Do you want to live this adventure?

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* We offer airport pickup and drop off services at Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña airports. Consult us for conditions and prices

Horse-riding lessons

all levels
Horse Camp Marco Das Pías

If you have never ridden a horse before
but you would love to immerse yourself in this amazing world, do not worry! We will start from zero

If you already know how ride a horse
we will help you improve your skills and continue to make progress.

Possibility of taking the galop exams

Our team is qualified from the "Real Federación Hípica Española" for doing the galop exams in order to compete at national level. If you would like to take the exam, let us know and we will do all the necessary arrangements.

* The price for the summer camp does not include the cost of this exams. Each exam, depenging on their level, has a set price that will be paid separately.



You will stay at our cozy and comfortable house-hotel. It is a wooden house located inside of the property and only a few meters away from the main stable so that you will be able to this the experience from sunrise to sunset. The views from the bedroom are amazing since it is facing the filds where mares wander around with their foals.



We will enjoy our homemade means in our spectacular dinnig room with a terrace.

* We offer the possibility of adjusting the menu to any dietary restriction or food allergy.


In our facilities we are lucky to have a veterinary clinic of our own where we take care of our hourses everyday. We are a benchmark with regard to horse reproduction and horse neonatology in the northwest of spain. Each week our expert team will give vet workshops adapted to different ages and levels.



In our equestrian center we work with "Asociación amarai", an association that aims to improve the integration of people with disabilities in our region. You will be able to see firsthand the benefits that horses bring into these people's lives.
You will realize that everyone can help in this society!


Since we have a huge number of horses, we need to have a smithy and a blacksmith working almost daily in our facilities. Once a week you will be able to see how to shoe a horse, the different types of horseshoes and even participate actively in some of the stages of the ironwork with horses.



To have fun, to learn, to practice sports, to respect nature, to promote fellowship, teamwork, self-confidence and autonomy and much more. We would like to turn into an unforgettable experience for you!!


Our camp focuses on horses since we know this is our strongest and unique aspect.

Besides riding horses and attending lessons adapted to different levels, we will learn and share knowledge regardind the different areas related to horses such as basic care, veterinary notions, ironwork, physical exercises adapted to horses and so on.

We will, of course, do other activities like hiking along the way of santiago; visitiing arqueological spots, waterfalls and monasteries; playing games and much more! All in a spirit of fellowship and respect.